"Where YOU are the star"

14430 FM 2100 Rd., Suite 3

Crosby, TX 77532


Tuesday - Friday: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM                        Early or Late Appointments

Saturday: 8:30 AM - 2 :30 PM                                           Available by Request

Closed Sunday & Monday


Walk-Ins Welcome



What do our clients think about us?

(Meet a few below)

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I've been dealing with other stylists and salons for years and finally just gave up on having the hair I so longed for. Then, I found your salon. Wow. What a difference your stylists have made with my hair. For the first time in years I can truly say, "I love my hair."

~ Sarah ~

Your team is the very best at at what you do. I had looked everywhere for someone who could do what you do. You've made a believer out of me. I love what you do to my skin and eyebrows.

~ Mirah ~

My husband and I are senior citizens who remember the good ole glamorous days of Rock Hudson & Elizabeth Taylor. We love those 'retro' classic styles. It's such fun to visit your salon. You make us feel special. Best wishes from some oldies, but goodies.

~ Bill & Ella ~

I wanted something unique and different. Wow, your staff did an awesome job giving me the tri-color look that was exactly what I wanted. Thanks.

~ Cheyenne ~

We may not really look like Lauren Bacall or Humphrey Bogart, but every time we visit your salon, we leave feeling like VIPs! You are a great group of stylists and amaze both of us with your talents.

~ Jim & Judy ~

I'm in a band, so I thought I needed long shakable hair to have the look of a Rock Star. However, my dad had other ideas and brought me to your salon. It's shorter now, but apparently you added a little magic to the cut because all the girls like me best!

~ Justin ~

Appearance is important in my business. It's nice to know when I leave your salon, I'm ready to head right back to the office and roll into the board meeting feeling like I own the place.

~ Sam ~

The girls at school are always raving about my 'hair', asking me who does it. The guys are jealous :-) 

~ Phillip ~

As a performer, I have to look the part at many special events. Regardless of whether it's super-formal or semi-rustic, your team always give me the perfect style for the occasion. You're an amazing group of creative designers! Thank you.

~ Sharron ~

As BFFs, we do most everything togeter - even go to the same salon. And, we both agree, going to Hair by Ellen & Co. is one of the most fun things we love to do. You are all so special to us. (and you make magic happen with our hair).

~ Jenny & Kendra ~

I got my first haircut at your salon and can't imagine going anywhere else. You make me look so handsome I've decided I want to be a movie star when I grow up. 

~ Bradley ~

After finding the perfect dress for the occasion, you all helped me decide on the perfect hairstyle to go with my outfit. I felt like the prettiest girl there.

~ Rilee ~

When I walked into your salon I looked like a homeless mutt. When I walked out of your salon I felt like a princess. Great salon. Brilliant stylist team. Fun experience. I'll be back.

Thank you SO much.

~ Kristen ~

Your team are true professionals skilled in all the aspects of making my hair do exactly what I want it to do. When I show your stylists a photo of a specific style I want - that's exactly what I get. I travel hundreds of miles just to come to your salon so I can keep my movie-star-style perfected."

Thank you, 

~ Elizabeth ~

OK, I'm just a country boy from Texas, but every time I come into your salon for a trim, I leave feeling (and looking) like I'm ready to accept a Country Music Award. In fact, I'm a little embarrassed to be writing this - but I want you to know you are one group of great people.

~ Tim ~

Daddy calls me his little movie star. I love coming to your salon because it's just so much fun. Mom says my hair just falls into place because of the way you cut it. I would like to work with you when I get older.

~ Chelsea ~

This may sound corny, but we look forward to a 'family outing' every time we need haircuts. We all jump in the car and come visit your salon then go celebrate. Thanks for making 'hair cut day' a special day for our family.

~ The Anderson Family ~

Awesome Salon! We're always being asked "Who does your hair?" You make us feel like the 'cool kids' at school. You deserve a big gold star. See you soon!

~ Becca, Chad, Destiny, Kyan, Miranda, Shannon & Lori ~

My hair (& attitude) was a mess. Then I found your salon. As a result of having a cut that was so easy to handle and so becoming to me - I didn't hesitate for photos on the special day Kera came into our lives. Thank you all so much.

~ Angela ~

Excellent services. Incredible products. Wonderful staff. I love your salon. Thank you for teaching me how to Up-Do my own hair into such an elegant style.

~ Megan ~