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Retro is HOT!

Hot then. Hot now. Hot Forever ~


What is Retro?

Retro is defined as from the last century (1900-1999). The Retro Hairstyle decades which are most popular today include styles from the 1920s through the 1960s.


Make the Best part of the Past - a Fun part of Today!

We receive many requests from our clients looking for fun, cute, elegant and evening Retro Styles. When you're up for being a modern glamour girl who knows how to dress and walk the red carpet in high style, let us give you the perfect Retro hairstyle for your special occasion.

Retro Hairstyles ... Today

Every new fashion season offers something new. Or does it? Many hairstyles considered 'new' today are actually re-runs of old hair fashion. Some are simple variations of old styles while others are virtual copies. There are 'classic' hairstyles, just like classic clothing. You look good in them any time - and never look 'dated'. Classic ~ is that good! Hot then. Hot now. Hot forever!

Today, RETRO is HOT
If you feel the current hairstyle trends and cuts don't suit you, look a bit dull or that hairstylists around the country lack creativity, look for an inspired style from a previous decade or era. When you find your look, we'll make it 'classic'.

Rolling out the Red Carpet for Old Hollywood Glamour

In recent years, we've seen modern stars wearing retro hairdos on the red carpet. Occasionally it was because they fell in love with a vintage gown and needed a suitable vintage hairstyle to go with it or just decided to try something new. Today, it's considered Classy & Stylish. Because the Oscars are so rich in history, actresses are motivated to adorn themselves like screen icons from the Golden Era and other notable times. You can't love glamour without thinking 'Retro'. In fact, many major Hollywood events today portray vintage themes, so with their vintage-style dresses, they also need a hairdo from the same period. There are always a few who draw inspiration from past decades and have a blast from the past.


Evening & Special Occasion Hairstyles

Retro hairstyles may actually look more elegant than many modern styles. Ladies in earlier eras had a sense of elegance and refinement that we seldom see today. It included the way they dressed and an elegant state of mind. When we think of the most memorable decade of Hollywood glamour, it's interesting that the decade that most often comes to mind is the 1940s, not the 80s or 90s. The 1940s portray old Hollywood glamour including the hairstyles within our memories.

Something Old - Something New?

Brides take their wedding hair seriously. Some even have a wedding theme, including their gown, from a previous time. Often, the modern hairstyles just don't seem to fit the elegance desired. This is the time to begin looking at the best hair styles of another decade - like a Retro Up-Do. When it comes to "something old, something new" the "old" could simply be to wear an inspired vintage hair style.

Retro Prom Style

Surveys show many schools today design their prom theme on a past decase (1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s and 1960s), feeling those eras inspire more fun. Finding the perfect vintage prom dress is only one step in getting ready for the prom. Along with your dress, get a stylish retro hairstyle to top off your look.